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Hosting your website in Ireland - Recommended hosting companies

Selecting reliable hosting providers in Ireland proved to be a challenge. Our initial selection, one of the best-known Irish hosting companies - Blacknight, unfortunately does not provide a Cpanel, which makes site management and moving multiple sites a bit painful.

cPanel is the ultimate hosting platform providing security, functionality, and flexibility to a web hosting account. cPanel allows you to fully manage your domains, email accounts, databases and website statistics in one interface.They also don't provide telephone support, which was one of our main selection criteria.

We have therefore selected two less known, but excellent hosting providers: LetsHost and Spiral Hosting.

Lets Host

LetsHost web hosting packages provide the complete control, flexibility, and reliability that is needed to create a successful online presence. You can start with shared hosting, then move to VPS or dedicated hosting as your business grows.

LetsHost operates from multiple private racks located in a state of the art datacentre floor located in Dublin, Ireland. The datacentre facility boasts true enterprise hosting specification with full redundancy at every level of its architecture.

LetsHost utilise the latest in Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology. They perform remote backups of all servers FOUR times daily and maintain the backups for 2 weeks. Additional tape backup is stored off-site in a secure remote location in Dublin. Their disaster recovery is possible in minutes, not the traditional hours or days.

With competitive pricing, outstanding performance, high security, many pre-installed scripts (e.g.Fantastico, Joomla, Mambo, Ruby on Rails, Zen Cart), frequent database backups, 30 days money back guarantee, SLA guarantee and their expert 24 x 7 Technical Support, LetsHost proved to be a definite winner in the Irish hosting stakes.

LetsHost is also a fully accredited domain registrar with IEDR (IE Domain Registry) and Nominet, so you can use it to register an Irish or TLD domain name through them.The only possible drawback of hosting with LetsHost is their lack of Windows-based hosting option.

Spiral Hosting

Spiral Hosting Limited is a UK company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a data centre located in Dublin, Ireland.

A relative newcomer to the hosting scene (the company was formed in 2006), Spiral Hosting is already ranking as one of the best 20 Irish hosting providers.

Their strength lies in their client-focused technical support, sales and billing 24/7 with staff in Dublin and Belfast. They are one of the few Irish companies to provide truly round the clock support 365 days a year. That's 6205 hours a year more than most other web hosts. They also offer an impressive 99.9% SLA-backed uptime guarantee.

Spiral Hosting world class data centre located in Dublin, Ireland offers superb infrastructure, multi-homed connections with fully burstable bandwidth, and server suites with climate controlled environment, fire suppression, redundant power generators, manned security and 24-hour hands-on technical support.

They take regular backups (typically 2-3 times per week) on all their servers and make off-site copies. If you accidentally delete vital website files or databases, you can simply contact their support and they can restore the files and databases from their backups.

Spiral Hosting also provide an advanced auto-install script library called Installatron at no extra cost on all web hosting packages. Similar to Fantastico, Installatron gives you the ability to install, upgrade, and manage many popular web scripts at the click of a button, including WordPress, osCommerce, phpBB, phpMyChat, Moodle and Joomla software. Their free script library is very impressive and includes picture galleries, web cards, calendars and CRM software.

In our opinion, all of the above backed by a “no questions asked” 30 days money back guarantee, provides a winning mix.

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