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Domain Name Registration

which domain name extension? A domain name is a unique identification label given to your website, so it can easily be found among the millions of other websites on the internet.
A domain name consists of two parts; the name and an extension e.g. consists of the domain name "ibm" and the extension ".com".

There are many domain name extensions, some are international, like .com .biz .net or .info, others are local, indicating that the business is operating in a specific country e.g.  ".ie" (for businesses registered in Ireland) or region e.g. ".eu" for businesses operating in the European Union.

Some domain extensions indicate that the domain is designed to be displayed on a specific device, e.g. ".mobi" extension is reserved for domains specifically designed to be viewed on mobile phones and "palm-type" devices.

The most popular domain extension is by far ".com", followed by ".net". Some countries have restrictions as to who can register a domain with this country extension e.g. Ireland and China. The extension is restricted to the entities registered or residing in that country.

Domain name selection

Your domain name is very important and you should not leave it to chance. Back it up by thorough research and it will pay off later on. If you need some tips on finding a good domain name for your product or business, read the article "How to pick a good domain name" published in our Blog.

It includes some interesting tips and examples as well as a list of helpful tools that will help you brainstorm ideas for your domain name, evaluate your available options and pick the name that is memorable and great for search engine optimization.

Domain Registration

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*Domain name registration is fairly straight forward and you could easily do it yourself. However using our service saves you the hassle of fiddling with nameservers of your hosting company and  remembering when your domain name is due for renewal. We can also help you find a pre-owned domain name(great for SEO).The cost of domain registration varies depending on the extension. If you do it yourself, a .Com domain can be purchased for as little as $10, local domains may cost a bit more.

The registration needs to be renewed each year or the ownership of your domain name will lapse and your website will disappear off the web.  When that happens, the name is up for grabs and if you are not careful, your competitor may start using it.

When you register a domain name through us, we will send you a series of reminders to ensure that your domain name does not lapse.

We offer FREE domain name registration to all clients who buy any of our Web Design packages or choose to host their website with us. We have used many domain names registrars in the past, but since we discovered, we register all our domains exclusively through them.

The benefits of registering the name through this registrar is not only cheap Domain Registration, but also with FREE E-mail/URL forwarding, FREE WHOIS Privacy Guard subscription, FREE Positive SSL and more.

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