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Why should I have a website?

A. If you run any kind of business you know you need customers. More searches for products and services are now done online than in traditional media, telephone books, newspapers etc. So the likelihood is that a substantial portion of your potential customers are looking for your products and services on the internet.Furthermore telephone books and newspapers now put their publications online as well, so if you have a website your company details, or your competitors, are only one mouse click away.


I have a website. Why it cannot be found on Google?

A. To use an analogy, if you had flyers or brochures printed and left them on a shelf or put them in a cupboard they would not generate for you any new business. You have to put the material in front of your potential customers for them to have any effect. The same is also true of a web site you have to promote your site as well, tell the search engines about your website and make sure your site is what your expected customers are actually searching for. We find many people have had a web site created at a "great" price by a friend of a friend or grandkids, it may look good, but is as much use in generating business as the flyer in a cupboard.


Why should I register my business domain name?

A.  You don't have to register your business as a domain name, but it is a good idea.

For example, Joe Soap the plumber in London has his adverts in his local paper, Joe Soap the plumber in Glasgow has his adverts in his local paper, no conflict. Joe Soap in Glasgow gets a web site .

At a later date Joe Soap in London decides he should get a website and applies for but he can't have it as it is already taken.

With your own domain you can also have your own email address rather than giving BT or AOL free advertising on your literature or vehicle, which does not look very professional.

Q. What is a domain name and why I can't register the name I want?

A. A domain name is a unique identification label given to your website, so it can easily be found among millions of other websites on the internet. The domain name consists of 2 parts, the name e.g. coastaltours and an extension e.g. .com . The domain name plus an extension must be unique, so if is already registered, you cannot use that name and you have to come up with an alternative name e.g. or register your domain with a different extension e.g. .net, .us, etc.  The .Com and .Net extensions are by far the most popular, because they are global, other extensions indicate that business trades locally or is based in a specific country.

The domain name is the name of your website, the one that people could type into their browser to get directly to your site. It is usually, but not necessarily, your business name or derived from the product or service you supply.

Q. Why do I need to keep promoting my website?

A. Your website will still exist and still be able to be found but imagine the internet as a big pile of advertising flyers and brochures, stacked in a heap, one on top of the other one. Promotion keeps your site nearer to the top of the stack and therefore makes it more likely to be visited by your potential clients.

Q. What is Search Engine Optimization?

A.  Search Engine Optimization SEO has several aspects; one is making sure the site is structured and laid out in such a way that the internet spiders and bots (the programs that the search companies use) can index your site accurately, another is to make sure that your site actually contains the words and phrases that your potential customer are using in their search.

Your website needs to be laid out in such a way that the search engines know which parts of your site are important. Correct use of headings and repetition of main terms helps, but also knowing what terms (words) your potential customers are typing and including those in your copy is most important.

Q. What are Google AdWords?

A. Google AdWords are the ads that are displayed on top and on the right hand side of the search results returned by the search engine in response to your search using specific keywords eg. Joiners in Falkirk.

Whenever you click on one of those ads, the advertiser s webpage is displayed. The advertiser pays per click, that is each time the ad is clicked on. The cost of a click (PPC cost) is dependent on how popular a specific keyword is and how many advertisers are bidding for the same advertising page.
1. Why should I have a website?
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