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A Landing Page - your key to making money online

A Landing Page is an important component of your online marketing campaign strategy. A Landing Page is   special web page that serves a specific purpose - to build a prospect list.

A Landing Page is often referred to as a Squeeze Page, as it "compells" the visitors to leave their contact details. This is frequently done by offering a "bribe" such as free trial, free download of a special report or a discount voucher.

"/>A Landing Page can be a stand-alone page, a mini site, or a satellite web page, that feeds traffic to a larger website. It can reside on its own domain; or it can be a page within a website.

Some companies use a Landing Page as their Home Page designed as a Landing Page. This can be very effective, especially for companies that promote a single product or service.
Landing Page Examples

Some Landing Pages serve a double purpose; they are not only Squeeze Pages but also Sales pages. You can see a very good example of Sales Page here.

Landing Page design considerations

Research has shown that visitors frequently take 10 seconds or less to make up their mind whether to stay and read your page or click the back button.

Your Landing Page design should therefore be clean, powerful and very focused. Your headline should entice the visitors to read on and the page design should gently guide them to the action button.

On the Landing Page, every element counts - the choice of color, the graphics, the fonts; even the size, shape and color of the submit button!; On top of that, your Landing Page should be Search Engine Optimized and load really fast, otherwise your visitors will lose patience and click elsewhere. If you can, it should also incorporate multimedia.

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