Are you looking for an opportunity to run your own business, working from the convenience of your own home!

Are you a stay-at-home mam? Do you need extra income? Are you tired of slaving it for somebody else?

With our home business opportunity you can earn money working from home, part-time or full time, and have complete flexibility of your working hours.
Are you struggling to find a job?  Are you on a Jobseeker Benefit or Jobseeker Allowance? Did you know that you can work up to 3 days a week without losing your entitlement to the dole? (* full details with your information pack). Are you looking to supplement your pension or current income?

With our home business opportunity you can work when you want to, meaning you will never have to miss a school sports day or parents evening again. You can have time for your hobbies or to finish your studies...You can pay-off your debts, invest in your new home, have  extra money for holidays or fun ...

Just look at the benefits of this opportunity:
I was made redundant, and desperate to make some money to make ends meet, we started this business. In our first 4 weeks we earned 400 which was an absolute life saver!

Claire & Peter Rea

We started our home business to earn an extra 100 a week to help pay off credit cards, and to allow ourselves a few small luxuries like eating out and new clothes. This business is ideal, because it easily fits around our full-time jobs.

John & Karina Beasley

My brother introduced me to this home business three months after he started his. Within six months we were earning 800 per month part-time.

Conor Treanor & Linda Jameson

I regularly make 1000 working from home , working in my own time 3 half-days a week.

Mark T Davenport
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Looking for a job? Need extra cash? Have you been made redundant? Do you want to build a recession-proof business with long-term potential?
Home Business Opportunity
Simple to operate business
Very low initial investment
Work from home
Complete flexibility of your working hours
Work part-time or full time
Excellent growth potential
Full training and support from a well-established, multi-national company
Uncapped earnings
Start earning money from the first month
Our company was established in 1923, and now operates in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. We provide amazing training and unparalleled support to all our agents, especially if you are just starting up.

This offer is open to everyone over 18 year of age,  from any background, eligible to run a small business in Ireland.

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