Premium Business Website Design

Keyword and in-depth Competition Research (you get a list of 12 -15 best keywords you should be targeting )
2 x 0.5 hr Website Planning and Online Marketing Strategy Advice
A .com, .net or .info domain name registered for one year. Small surcharge for other domain extensions.
8-9 page, custom-designed website that includes the following pages : Home, 3 Products/Services pages, About Us, FAQ (great for SEO), Contact with a contact form, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy (legal requirement)
5 royalty-free pictures/graphics (used for header design and to enhance the look of your website)
A WordPress Blog and a Content Management System seamlessly integrated with your website.
On-page search engine optimization (content, titles, urls, meta tags, alt-tags, loading speed, site map, submission to search engines).
Testing of your website compatibility in four most popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari).
Website documentation (snapshots all pages, list of graphics, site map, SEO map, keywords targeted, actual keyword density).
W3C validation badges for your website to show that your website passed the validation test and is free of errors.
5 email addresses with Webmail access, setup for you.
Hosting of your website on a secure, commercial server .
A Site Map and submission of your website to the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) plus the Entire Web.
Social Media Share button and RSS feed for every page of your website.
Listing in five Online Directories with PR 3 and above plus one deep link to every content page of your website (10 inbound links in total).
Unlimited updates to your contact details throughouth the year.
Google Local Directory Listing with a Google Map and a link to your website
Submission to DMOZ directory.
Google Analytics installed on every page of your website.
Comprehensive weekly traffic analysis report - number of visitors, sources of traffic, top search terms, top landing pages, top exit pages, bounce rate, conversion ratio, page rank in the search results .
This is not just a website design package, this is a complete small business online marketing kit.

For an once-off investment of  $997 plus a low monthly hosting and maintenance fee, you will get  everything you need to start promoting your business online: keyword research, online marketing strategy advice, domain name

Optional Extras

You can also add more pages (at $75 per page), enhance your sales message with a video, MP3 player, picture gallery and more. Let us know what you need and we will make up a package specially designed for your needs.

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Design Package

If you just need a website and you would rather take care of your own domain registration, hosting, website promotion and site maintenance, go to Website menu option at the top of this page.

Whatever your choice, get your business name online today and start generating leads and sales. Yes, it is time and yes you are ready.
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Premium Business Website Package

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