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Search Engine Optimization

Be found on Google - picture of magnifying glass and google logo Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving congruency between page content, title, description, headings and pictures, so the search engines see it as more relevant to the search term (keyword) and therefore place it higher in the search results.

Search  engine ranking of your website and its ultimate position on a search results page is a result of a complex algorithm.

The algorithm takes into consideration over 200 different factors such as content relevance, page authority, popularity, freshness of content and even page loading speed.

These factors can be grouped as on-page factors (keywords, content, page titles, descriptions, URLs) and off-page factors (number and authority of links leading to the domain and its different pages).

On-page Search Engine Optimization

involves primarily editing the content of each page and associated coding, with the aim of increasing its relevance to specific keywords, and therefore improving its search engine ranking.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (Link building),

involves promoting your website through article marketing, directory listing, video marketing and other ways, so that your site grows in popularity and acquires links from other sites.

The number of links from other sites increases website rank and authority and results in better positioning of your website in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization process

search engine optimization - list of search engines Search Engine Optimization is a complex and laborious task. It often involves extensive keyword research and competitive analysis.

It needs to be done on a regular basis because your website position in the search results constantly changes, depending on a multitude of factors - changing search patterns, growing competition, seo performed by your competitors, periodic changes in the search algorithm by the search engines.

This means that you shouldn't rest on your laurels, even when you make it to the top of the search results. You need to continue building links, add fresh content to your website and increase the number of keywords through which your site can be found.

DIY Search Engine Optimization

If you have the time and know-how to do your own keyword research, and to modify your own website, you can do your own SEO.

You can find a lot of useful search engine optimization tools and resources in our Internet Marketing Tools section.

You can also visit our Blog for the latest SEO tips and SEO software reviews.

Search Engine Optimization Services

If you already have a website, that does not appear in the search results, it probably needs to be optimized and promoted. We offer FREE Website Review to small business owners. Using sophisticated SEO tools, we can Xray your website and see what it needs to lift it out of obscurity. The review process is quick and serves as a basis for quoting the price and the time scale to achieve the results you desire.

Search-friendly Web Design

All websites designed by us, come with on-page search engine optimization included in the price, so you don't have to buy this service separately, unless you drastically change the content of your website or you want to target different keywords.

Search Engine Optimization prices

The cost of on-page search engine optimization is not that high, unless it involves extensive re-write of the website content or the navigation and page naming is so bad that the website needs to be re-built.

The cost of our on-page SEO services start with $300 plus $45 per page.  The price includes a comprehensive website review, keyword research, competition research and tweaking various factors on your web page to improve its search ranking.

You will also receive an off-page optimization report that will tell you how many links you need to get to the fist pages of Google for the selected keyword. If you have a small business website (5 - 8 pages)(up to 600 words in content per page), you need to budget about $650 to optimize your site. 

If you have a properly constructed website, that is indexed regularly, the results of on-page SEO can be seen pretty quickly, sometimes within a couple of days. If there is not much competition for your targeted keywords, this itself can be sufficient to get you to the first page of the search results. When there is a lot of competition for a particular search term, the off-page search engine optimization (link building) and website promotion (search engine marketing) may be needed.

If you would like us to optimize your website in order to improve its ranking in the search results, contact us.