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Traffic Analysis

Due to the nature of the internet it is possible to know how many visitors looked at your website, and even which pages and in what order, how long they looked for, where they were before they visited your site. All search engines have web analytics tools, unfortunately not all of them are available to the public.

We recommend two Free Web Analytics tools, one provided by Google and another one by Yahoo. Setting up of Google Analytics on your website is part of all our Web Design Packages. If you would like to install Google or Yahoo Analytics on an established site or would like us to monitor your web traffic on the ongoing basis, please contact us for prices.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
is a free website analysis tool which provides sophisticated reports about traffic on your website. Google analytics offers GeoTargeting (targeting visitors in a specific geographic area), executive dashboard,  site overlay, traffic  conversion funnels, e-commerce reports and visitor segmentation analysis. The reports allow you to drill down and learn how visitors reach your site,  on which page they exit , what they buy, how long they stay on each page and much more.

Here is an example of one of the features of Google Analytics - the Dashboard.

The analysis offered by Google Analytics means that you can tailor the pages to suit your visitors, monitor the results of any advertising you do in a way that is impossible with printed or broadcast media.

Having access to this kind of information makes the difference between a website that looks good but nobody that ever visits, buys anything or gives you a call, to one that appears in searches and that the visitors that come to your site want to buy from or get in touch with you.

Yahoo Analytics

Yahoo Analytics
offers similar functionalities to Google Analytics. Yahoo! Web Analytics is now a free analytics tool, rather like Google Analytics. The new and improved service gives even better value for money now that it is completely free and has advanced features such as live data, complete path analysis, fully customisable reports, and segmentation wizards.

We install Google Analytics as standard on all our websites, if you would rather prefer to have Yahoo, this is available as an optional extra.

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Traffic Analysis - Google Analytics dashboard