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Web Design Portfolio

 Cantrell Solicitors

A small website designed for the local solicitor. The website was uploaded in at the beginning of April 2010. At the end of May 2010, the site was already on the first page of Google in position 3 and 4, successfully competing with 175 000 other pages targeting the keyword "solicitor Blackrock".

Rental property website

This is a great example of a Wordpress website. It has several very cool, built-in features - such as 5 day weather forecast and a reservation system integrated with a calendar. The calendar shows when the property is booked or available. The website also has several picture galleries, that show off local attractions in Cyprus as well as the apartment. The Wordpress template for this website was custom designed by us.

web design portfolio - www.lifestylechange.comLifestyle Change

This was a simple sales page designed on a very small budget. The purpose of this page was to get contact details of people who might be interested in running a home-based business. The website served as a landing page for Google PPC campaign.

The website attracted 102 visitors in 4 days and nearly 30% of the visitors left their contact details (an excellent conversion rate).

Property website - White Strand Lodge

This is a website promoting a luxury holiday home near Clifden, Connemara, West of Ireland. It has some "cool" features such as a photo gallery. Unfortunately the website owner insisted on very specific wording, without any consideration for the keywords or SEO. The website is therefore not well optimized and does not rank high in the search results. We hope that he will change his mind and let us play with the wording in the spring.

 Niche Website - Garden Storage Sheds

A website promoting DIY storage sheds and shed plans. The home page is a quite long, so we are showing only a fragment of the design.

web design portfolio - www.yournameontheweb.comWeb Design and Online Marketing

We decided to include one of our own websites in the portfolio because it has a Blog seamlessly integrated with a "traditional" website.

We also wanted to show it because this site, in a short space of one month and a handful of  links,  achieved an Alexa world-wide traffic rank of less than 600 000 worldwide (Sept 2010). As we said before, a Blog and a well optimised content, this is what is most important

Charity Website

This is a website promoting an annual charity event - International Charity Bazaar.  A large website with some special effects such as sliding menus, picture galleries, running marquee and video streaming.

Getahead Consulting Ltd.

Again, this is one of our own websites, a work in progress, not full optimised as yet ("The cobbler's children have no shoes" syndrome). It nevertheless ranks very well in Google (it is on the first page for several keywords).

This is a rather large site. It has a blog seamlessly integrated with the website design.

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