WordPress - no longer just a blog

WordPress has evolved and it no longer just a popular blogging platform, but a fully-fledged Content Management System.

With its vast array of themes, widgets and plugins, you can create any type of website, blog or website/blog combination site.
Practically all successful Internet Marketers use WordPress in one way or another, as it offers unparalleled abilities to integrate your website with content sharing sites, social media and bookmarking sites (great for automating some of your online marketing efforts).

We have decided to embrace this shift from traditionally designed websites and provide our clients with an option to add a Blog to their website or to have their entire site designed in WordPress. With this approach WordPress acts as a Content Management System giving you the ability to update your own website online. You can be sitting on a beach in Spain and working on your website at the same time.  

To see a working exampleof the WordPress Blog integration, just look at our website. The static web pages were constructed in a "traditional way" (written in XTML), and the WordPress Blog was seamlessly integrated into our website design. However, as WordPress becomes more and more sophisticated as a web development platform,  in future we may move all pages of our site to WordPress.

WordPress setup and customization services

We currently offer the following WordPress Design and Development services:
Hotel website
Mosaic Tile Store
Developer Website
Musician Website
Online Store

WordPress as CMS - Examples

Here are some examples of amazing WordPress sites:
Free development platform. You can customize it also for free, if you have the time and the skills. 
Proven solution - with millions of users world-wide
Support -  very well supported with forums and tutorials
Themes - Content is separate from the design, so you can upgrade the look of your site at a push of a button (just install a new theme)
Flexibility - With thousands of plugins and widgets, you can turn you "blog" into a corporate site, ecommerce site, an artist portfolio, internet marketing landing page, an online magazine or a business directory.
Great for Internet Marketing - Automatic RSS, seemless integration with Social Media and Content Sharing/Bookmarking services
SEO friendly - you can change permalinks so your site ranks well in the search engines

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We sell the best, hand-picked  WordPress themes and plugins (visit our Online Marketing Tools page)
We can design a unique theme specially for you
We can install WordPress on your site and customize it to your specific needs (you can also do it yourself, but with close to 10,000 widgets and plugins, will you know which ones to chose?)
We can seamlessly integrate a WordPress Blog with your own website (look at our site as an example)
We can develop your entire website using WordPress (WordPress as CMS approach)
If you would like to order any of our Wordpress services, or get a quotation, click on the blue button below.
Benefits of using WordPress as CMS

There are many benefits of using WordPress as a web development platform and CMS, specially with the new 3.0 vesion release. We will be encouraging all our clients to go this route in the future:

Planning your website

Web Card (Micro Site)

Landing Page

Small  Business Website

eCommerce Website

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Rental property website

This is a great example of a Wordpress website. It has several very cool features - such as live, updated in real -time 5 day weather forecast, a reservation system integrated with a property availability calendar, picture gallery with a picture-zoom feature, that shows off local attractions in Cyprus, contact form, and most important - the website comes with a Content Management System so the property owner can update it himself. The Wordpress template for this website was custom designed by us.

Other great examples of Wordpress based websites